Welcome to Ho-Chunk Facts
This website reflects the progress and efforts of Ho-Chunk, Inc. on behalf of the Winnebago Tribe and is provided as an information resource by Ho-Chunk, Inc. It also offers an opportunity for Tribal members and Ho-Chunk, Inc. employees to express their thoughts and opinions directed specifically to the articles published on the website.
Keeping You Informed
As Ho-Chunk, Inc. works to provide a better way of life for the Winnebago Tribe, we will periodically provide articles to inform you about our progress. Please feel free to post comments to any of the articles published. You will find a box at the bottom of each article for adding your comment.

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Ho-Chunk, Inc. Mission Statement
Ho-Chunk, Inc.'s immediate mission is a simple one. To use the Tribe's various economic and legal advantages to develop and operate successful Tribally-owned business enterprises, and to provide jobs and opportunities for Tribal members. Such businesses will be developed both on and off the Winnebago reservation.

The long-term mission of Ho-Chunk, Inc. is to provide the Tribe with a large enough income stream from its business operations so that the Tribe may reach total economic self-sufficiency.